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Fire, water, earth and air - in philosophy, the four elements are the origin of all earthly life.

The Fifth Element is seen as the unifying element that creates harmony and balance. This magical, almost supernatural aura stands for the title of the collection “The 5th Element“ uniting the heritage of AIGNER with the present zeitgeist.

Retro materials made up of jacquard fabric, patchwork leather or bouclé are combined with intense and wintry shades such as „Nature Green“, „Element Orange“ or „Oceanic Blue“. Alongside are delicate nuances such as „Stardust Rose“ or „Dusty Rose“.

Captured by the renowned art photographer Elizaveta Porodina, the images for the Fall/Winter 2023 collection take us to other worlds guided by emotion and an extraordinary sense of aesthetics, while using different light and color compositions to set the scene for “The 5th Element“.



The CYBILL bag, introduced in 2013, holds a significant place as an iconic piece within each new collection. “Fatto a mano a Firenze” - Handmade in Italy: a symbol of the AIGNER identity – a German brand with an Italian soul.


The ISA series is designed to be a perfect all-rounder, catering to various styles and occasions. Standing out as a cosmopolitan and modern design, it exudes trendiness with the unique multi-pocket shoulder strap and round form.


The extravagant silhouette of the BARBARA series is a tribute to a 1970s model from the AIGNER archive. The bag boasts a distinctive round design characterized by integrated handles and open edges, resulting in a captivating and unique aesthetic.


By incorporating the ICON-Jacquard fabric, the EMEA series is a testament to the beauty of retro inspiration that pays homage to a bygone era while infusing it with a contemporary twist.

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