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Payment methods

The following payment methods are offered for the continental United States: credit card, PayPal and Apple Pay.

By credit card

The AIGNER Online Shop accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Your credit card account will be debited once you complete the order.

3-D Secure is the security standard for online payments. Through 3-D Secure's additional authentication step, the card holder is able to shop online significantly more securely. How do you recognize if a website's payment procedure is 3-D Secure? Look for the "Verified by Visa", "MasterCard SecureCode" and "American Express SafeKey" symbols, which all use 3-D Secure to achieve substantially improved security compared to other payment procedures. By including additional authentication through entry of a personal Secure Code, the card holder provides authorization for their bank to complete the transaction.


1. The card holder enters their card number and personal details on the payment page of a website, as usual.
2. The online retailer sends a request to the card holder's bank to authorize the transaction.
3. The bank opens their own secure channel to confirm the card holder's identity.
4. The card holder enters their personal Secure Code, and it is verified by the bank (within seconds).
5. The bank confirms the identity of the card holder.
6. The online transaction is completed.


You pay the invoice amount via the online retailer PayPal. If you are not already registered there, you will need to register first, then you will have to prove your identity by means of your login data and then confirm the payment instruction to us (in exceptional cases you might be able to use guest access). You will receive further advice during the order process.